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Qualcomm's positive response: will not abandon the server chip, or part of the business integration into the joint venture

Cristiano Amon, qualcomm's President, gave a positive response recently, saying that they would not quit the market for data centers for server chips.

At the 2018 China international big data industry expo, amon announced that they will continue to support qualcomm's joint venture with the guizhou provincial government, huaxitong, in terms of technology and funding, to develop server chips and support the development of guizhou's big data industry and China's semiconductor industry.

It is understood that huaxitong is a company specializing in designing and server chips for the Chinese market. It was founded in January 2016. Guizhou authorities and qualcomm hold 55% and 45% of the company's shares respectively.

At a press conference held recently, hsmic announced that its first self-developed chip, 'hsmic no. 1', was successfully produced by the end of last year and will be officially launched to the market by the end of this year. At present, the second chip product has been under development.

Remember, at the beginning of this month, there was news that qualcomm was going to exit the server chip business. Qualcomm entered the market for server chips in November 2017 and launched a product called Centriq 2400.

Qualcomm says the Centriq 2400 is superior to Intel's centrica Platinum 8180 in energy efficiency and cost. At the same time, they also said that the server chip has received the support of some industry users, such as Google, and Microsoft did come on stage to express interest in the chip.

However, after that, 'Centriq 2400' was quiet and started to talk about layoffs. It's no wonder that people started to think 'qualcomm is withdrawing from the server chip field'.

In this regard, amon revealed that qualcomm is conducting a joint evaluation with huaxintong and considering whether it is possible to integrate the related work around the data center into huaxintong in the future through cooperation with guizhou government.

As things stand, qualcomm is, in a sense, 'out' of server chips, but continuing to push into data centres in a different capacity.

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