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Leivo heavy industries signed baidu depth layout of intelligent agricultural machinery and intelligent agriculture

When it comes to autonomous driving, many people first think of cars and trucks. In fact, China's agricultural development also urgently needs the combination of autonomous driving and agricultural machinery. On April 10, revo heavy industries signed a strategic cooperation agreement with baidu. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in autonomous driving technology and big data analysis and other business fields with the goal of realizing mass production of autonomous driving.

This is another major action taken by lei wo heavy industry to grasp the development trend of the industry. Wang guimin, chairman and general manager of revo heavy industries, said, 'the 19th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC) put forward the rural revitalization strategy. As an agricultural machinery enterprise, we have a great responsibility to provide more intelligent and open agricultural machinery equipment and convenient and efficient information services for agricultural production.'

As a leading enterprise in the agricultural machinery industry, leiwo heavy industry has a keen insight into the development of the industry. As early as 2012, it began to lay out intelligent agricultural machinery and intelligent agriculture. In recent years, lei wo heavy industry has successfully broken through the bottleneck technologies of domestic intelligent agricultural machinery, such as power shift, and released the first intelligent agriculture solution (iFarming) in the agricultural machinery industry. This year, spring ploughing demonstrated new achievements of whole-range unmanned farming in xinjiang region, constantly depicting a new picture of intelligent agriculture.

Build collaborative innovation mechanism through joint efforts

Obviously, unmanned agricultural machinery has incomparable advantages. Unmanned agricultural machinery can be used in the fields of plowing, harrowing, rotary tillage, ridging, sowing, spraying and harvesting. Research and development and promotion of unmanned agricultural machinery technology are bound to bring earth-shaking changes to farmers' life, agricultural machinery industry and agricultural development. At present, the lack of agricultural labor force, agricultural machinery operation efficiency requirements are becoming higher and higher today, unmanned agricultural machinery undoubtedly has good advantages and huge market potential.

At present, domestic agricultural machinery industry enterprises have been involved in the field of unmanned driving, also made progress. But industry experts say, unmanned agricultural machinery technology research and development and large-scale application, there is a long process, need to spend a lot of effort to overcome difficulties and promote. In this regard, wang guimin analysis said: 'the development of core technology is the key to the development of unmanned agricultural machinery. Compared with well-known foreign brands such as Deere and case, domestic enterprises are lagging behind, which requires more cooperation and joint efforts between relevant r&d institutions and manufacturers.'

Based on this, leiwo heavy industry works with baidu to give full play to their respective advantages and build a collaborative innovation platform to jointly develop unmanned agricultural machinery.

According to industry experts, the Internet of vehicles, related software services, hydraulic steering system is the key to unmanned agricultural machinery. According to the analysis of baidu and leiwo heavy industries, both sides have basic advantages in unmanned driving, and they are complementary to each other.

By signing this contract, the two parties will fully share their advantageous resources and cooperate in software platform, hardware platform, perception ability, core services, big data analysis, marketing innovation and other business fields of autonomous driving technology, so as to achieve a high integration of informatization and industrialization. With the goal of mass production of autonomous driving, both sides invest their own resources to jointly solve technical problems in the field of autonomous driving, such as pre-installation of sensor industry and system stability under extreme conditions.

According to the relevant data, leivo products contribute 60%, 30% and above to wheat, rice and corn respectively, and the comprehensive contribution to farming yields reaches over 40%. It can be said that the innovation and input in the field of agricultural equipment products of leiwo heavy industry have a direct impact on the domestic agricultural production mode.

Li zhenyu, vice President of baidu and general manager of intelligent driving group, said, 'the Apollo open platform has been constantly opening up its capabilities and sharing resources, enabling numerous developers and partners to explore new scenarios of landing autonomous driving, accelerating the industrial upgrading after the combination of partners and artificial intelligence. This cooperation between baidu and Levi heavy industries shows our partners' recognition and confidence in Apollo's open platform, which provides more possibilities for the implementation of autonomous driving technology, and at the same time, it will inject intelligent genes into agriculture, 'reducing burden and increasing production' for agricultural workers.'

Leivao heavy industry and baidu, this 1+1 > 2 strong together, will burst out a huge industrial integration energy. With the development and application of unmanned technology, it is possible that in the near future, farmers will be able to plough the land, sow the seeds, spread the medicine and take back the crops with ease.

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