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Innovation and stick to see how XCMG manufacturing iteration

40 years of reform and opening up, originated from the introduction of Chinese manufacturing, from pure manufacturing transfer, to imitation and substitution, and to a certain degree of independent innovation, Chinese manufacturing has been iterative, from manufacturing to creation, speed to quality, product to brand.

A well-known enterprise President once said, 'it is too hard to be a manufacturer. It is just like a farmer planting rice. One grain after another is sown, and another grain after another is harvested.' Wang min, XCMG's chairman and party secretary, told China industry daily: 'if there were no such stubborn and persistent people in China, if there were no manufacturers who could withstand loneliness, competitive pressure and global market challenges, China's equipment manufacturing industry would not be able to do well.'

XCMG, which traces its roots to the eighth Arsenal of the eighth route army in south shandong in 1943, has grown into an iconic brand in the equipment industry. With 75 years of concentration and 29 years of innovation leadership, XCMG has always maintained the leading position in China's construction machinery industry. XCMG is a large enterprise group with large scale, complete product varieties and series, unique competitiveness and influence in China's construction machinery industry.

How can this state-owned enterprise with a history of 75 years recognize its direction and run fast in the rapidly changing market? From the beginning of the introduction of Chinese manufacturing, how to build their core capabilities to stand at the top of the world, with international giants? With the third wave of industrial revolution coming and the reshaping of the international market pattern, how can the old manufacturing enterprises seize the opportunity to make the XCMG brand shine?

XCMG responds by performance, focuses on the main industry, innovation-driven, and builds an integrated innovation ecosystem based on core capabilities. Xugong group innovation development in review, we can see from the national strategy and corporate mission to lead the xugong group 'Everest summit' leapfrog development: 'dual-core' core technology capability and core management capability, informationization, marketization and open innovation of 'three support platform with quality, efficiency, scale and sustainable' three a 'enterprise innovation model.

Stay committed to moving up the global value chain

'State-owned enterprises should become a fresh force in deepening supply-side structural reform, raise the development level according to international standards, and promote China's industry to the middle and high end of the global value chain.'

How can state-owned enterprises with a history of 75 years recognize their direction in the rapidly changing market and still run fast?

In 2018, the company to 'shenzhou first dig' the 700 - ton of form a complete set of large tonnage rolled out, the oil cylinder products marked the xugong core parts formally entered the world's top oil tank area, large tonnage mining not only implements the independent research and development mining oil cylinder from 400 t to 700 t full coverage, more on the oil cylinder core technology of large tonnage mining solid step forward.

Manufacturing booms and busts are a barometer of a country's economy. In this field, China's core and key technologies are 50 to 60 percent dependent on foreign trade, and some high-end products, important parts and key materials are imported for more than 80 percent. Especially for the construction machinery industry, which is the material and technological basis of the national economy, it is suffering from the weak industrial foundation of high-end core components. Relying on the persistence of sticking to the main industry 'Everest summit', XCMG has broken the dilemma of high-end manufacturing of core components 'sealing throat' again and again.

Behind the breakthrough of core components is xu workers' insistence on the main industry and continuous innovation. 'One main line' in xugong group's innovation system: national strategy and enterprise mission lead xugong group to reach the top of mount Everest to achieve leapfrog development.

It is in accordance with the 'Everest summit theory' that XCMG hydraulic parts company, a core component enterprise founded in 1975 and with over 40 years of industrial accumulation, has not only its products throughout the country, but also exported to nearly 20 countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Russia and Japan. The huge customer base covers engineering machinery, port machinery, mining tunnels, coal and oil fields, building materials and metallurgy, Marine engineering ships, municipal sanitation, agricultural water conservancy, military equipment and other industries, and has gradually grown into the 'hidden champion' who shoulders the responsibility of leading the development of independent core parts industry.

China has always attached great importance to the development and expansion of the real economy. Especially after the 19th national congress of the CPC, the central committee put forward the major decision of promoting changes in the quality, efficiency and driving force of economic development, and realizing the transformation of Chinese manufacturing into Chinese creation, of Chinese speed into Chinese quality, and of Chinese products into Chinese brands.

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